From nature, to nature.


Plastic and aluminium free coffee capsules

Nespresso® Compatible.

From nature, to nature!


Plastic and aluminium free coffee capsules!

Nespresso® compatible.

Why Ideel


  • We support Ethiopian community projects focusing on health, job creation and education. More here.


  • High quality capsule, manufactured in Germany.
  • Ethiopian Specialty coffee.


  • Everything is Home-Compostable and / or Craddle 2 Craddle certified.
  • Created with 100% renewable energies.

Our coffee

Ethiopian coffee is considered some of the best coffee in the world.

Southern Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, being the place where the popular Arabica bean was first found.

Thanks to the perfect climate, it is possible to grow outstanding coffee without adding anything to it!

The coffee is known for its rich, bright and complex taste notes.

  • Rich, delicious taste
  • No GMO or pesticides
  • Sugar free

Our capsule

How do you disrupt an industry which is filling up our global landfills with plastic and aluminium?

In our case: by replacing toxic materials with fully biodegradable materials.

Ideel capsules

  • Made of up-cycled food waste
  • 100% home-compostable
  • Turns into rich nutrients for soil and plants

Aluminium capsules

  • Up to 500 years to decompose
  • Large amounts of energy to recycle
  • Can leak harmful chemicals into the brew

Good to know

Our coffee couldn’t be anything else but organic. It comes from southern Ethiopian highlands where the environment is perfect for producing coffee without adding pesticides or artificial additives.

Well… it’s complicated. Truth being told, the small, family-owned coffee farms that we work with are organic by necessity. Pesticides and fertilisers are a “luxury” they simply can’t afford. But that also means it is impossible for them to pay for the inspections and procedures to acquire the Organic Certificate, and most of times, this hinders their ability to get a good price for their coffees. Our hope is that by reinvesting in the community and paying them fairly for their efforts, will ultimately give them the capabilities to get the certificates.

Our coffee is sourced through Impact Roasters, which facilitates prices far above the Fair-Trade quota (25% more / kg of coffee) and invests in local youth development and education projects. This allows us to ensure long-lasting positive impact on the communities that grow the beans, while ensuring quality throughout.

Our coffee capsules are made from the ground natural fibres of seed hulls and an organic based substance, which makes them 100% compostable and biodegradable. Once used, the capsule and filter fleece can be disposed in you home compost, where they will break down in nutrients for the soil within 6 months.

We couldn’t claim that our product is sustainable, and let our packaging be made out of plastic. The capsules box is Craddle 2 certified, and the shipping package is made from FSC certified cardboard. With that in mind, the packaging should be recycled as normal cardboard.

Currently, Danish authorities have not approved the disposal of any capsules in the green bag, which they claim is for organic food residue only. The capsules would be sorted out as they would not know the difference between ours and the rest. However, our capsule would be a great fit for the green bag as it would work as a fertiliser for the soil. We are constantly monitoring the situation, and expect the rules  to change in the future.

Our capsules are compatible with all Nespresso original line machines.

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