Da Ideelists aka Founders of Ideel Kaffe
What is a better material than Founders Interview for the second blog post?
-We couldn’t find one, so here it goes.
p.s. It’s gathered from the interview that Grinbii hosted Ideel Kaffe, and had a chat about the company, the coffee, and the capsules and all. This blog post is a shortcut to give some insights about backstage.

Who are the guys behind?

  • Bogdan: Well, I’m originally from Romania, came here for my studies. I didn’t plan ahead of anything like this, having a company, but here I am now, and definitely, I’m gonna be around for a while. But yea I’m just an average dude, pretty boring in everyday life.
  •  Johan: I’m originally from Finland, moved here at the same time as Bogdan and we met in class have been pretty much hand-in-hand for almost 4 years now. We worked on almost every school project together and it was where we got the spark from and noticed we are a good team then we took this to a serious level.
  • I also want to mention Laerke, who was the one that gave life to the whole idea. She is a valuable member of our team, plus she is the only Danish person among us which helps a lot with the language barrier.

What is Ideel Kaffe all about?

  • We are a new start-up that is working on Denmark’s first and the only Home-compostable certified coffee capsules. We have this cool product that is the most sustainable capsule on the market, filled with some of the best coffee you can find in town. We are super excited to see how the market will react to it.

How long ago did you come up with the idea and how did it all start?

  • The whole project started about a year ago. The idea itself came from Laerke who was working in the capsule industry. It was clear that there is a big industry with a big problem. We got curious and did some research, the numbers we found- e.g. the number of capsules that ended up in the landfills-  completely blew us off. And these were the facts that got the whole ball rolling.

On one of your Trivia Thursdays, the question was who was not a coffee drinker before this idea came up. Was it a joke or a real fact? Can you explain that, please?

  •  I(Johan) must say I wasn’t the biggest coffee enthusiast even though I used to enjoy a good cup of quality coffee. But never been that coffee person though, who wakes up at 7 am and needs his coffee to get the day started. So now I can say, of course with this whole journey during the past year, I am for sure becoming a coffee enthusiast. 

Where do you want go with Ideel Kaffe? What are your goals?

  • As a new company, when you start, you always have huge ambitions and you dream big. We still do this and believe that our dreams are totally achievable. We often say that we look at ourselves not necessarily as a coffee capsule company trying to be sustainable but a sustainability company doing coffee capsules. We think this kind of mindset puts us in the right direction. What we are trying to achieve is to show that in general there are better ways to consume. Single-use products don’t have to be harmful to the environment and convenience, in general, does not have to come at the cost of the planet, at yourself, or even quality. We’ve kind of been fed up to believe that until now. 
  • For the future our mission is to be upfront for the sustainability movement, be super transparent about what we do, and hopefully provide some insights into the coffee industry, the life of the farmers, how customers can do an impact for them, and overall be a company spreading positive energy.
Hope you enjoyed the read.

And please, let us know if you have something else that you are crazy curious about..

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