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Plant-based Coffee Capsules!

Try Denmark's most sustainable Nesprsso®-compatible coffee capsules.
Bestil en prøvepakke med 20 kaffekapsler for kun 29 kr. inkl. fri fragt.


Plant-based coffee capsules

Try Denmark's most sustainable Nespresso®-compatible coffee capsule.
Order a trial package with 20 coffee capsules for only DKK 29 with free delivery.

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Why Ideel Kaffe?


  • We support farmers by paying them 25% above fairtrade® prices.
  • We invest in community development projects. Read more "here.“.


  • Hand picked and freshly roasted gourmet coffee.
  • Quality coffee capsules produced in Germany.


  • Denmark's 1st home-compostable coffee capsule.
  • Produced with 100% renewable energy.
  • Naturally and organically grown coffee.

Our coffee

To give our customers the best possible experience we have chosen to work with some of the world's finest coffee.

This is why we use carefully selected Ethiopian specialty coffee and Bolivian organic and Fairtrade® certified coffees. specialty coffee og Boliviansk organic and fairtrade® certificerede kaffe.

We roast our coffee on different levels to get the best out of each variety. In this way, we are able to satisfy different personal preferences.

Order our trial package for at modtage vores foretrukne Bolivianske og Etiopiske kaffe.

  • Rich, delicious taste
  • No GMOs or pesticides
  • Hand picked
plant based capsules

Our capsules

How to stop an industry that fills our global landfills with plastic and aluminum?

In our case, by replacing the toxic materials with innovative & biodegradable materials.

Ideel capsules

  • Produced by upcycling food waste
  • 100% home compostable
  • Transforms into rich nutrients for soil and plants

Aluminum capsules

  • Up to 500 years to decompose
  • Big amounts of energy to recycle
  • May leak harmful chemicals into coffee

Some of our environmentally conscious customers

Good to know

No. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time, and the subscription can be easily reactivated. If you have too much coffee at home, you can also change your delivery periods.

When you have a coffee subscription, you can choose to have it delivered every 4, 6, or 8 weeks.

Yes. All our coffee varieties are available as single purchase items on our product page. But remember that all our coffee varieties bought on subscription get a 20% discount in relation to the single purchases.

Our coffee capsules are made from sunflower seed husks (a renewable waste product from sunflower oil production) and an organic-based substance. The entire capsule is home compost certified by TUV Austria, which means that they are engineered to naturally decompose in a home compost.

After use, we recommend throwing these coffee capsules in your garden compost or biowaste bin.

These coffee capsules decompose in a garden compost within 6 months and become rich nutrients for the soil.

Specialty coffee is a term used for coffee of the highest quality possible. In order for coffee to be labeled as “specialty”, it must score above 80/100 on the global coffee quality scale. Every part of the process from agriculture to brewing counts towards the score.

Yes. Our box is "Cradle to Cradle" certified. This means that it is made from recycled paper and contains no toxic materials. It is recommended that the box be recycled along with cardboard.

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