Biodegradable coffee capsule

The coffee capsules we produce are the perfect example of a circular economy, and were nominated "currently the most environmentally friendly coffee capsule" in 2019 by the Nova Institute in Germany. Nova Institute i Tyskland.

When sunflower oil is produced, the seed shells are left as a by-product. The shells are collected and a biomass is formed, which the coffee capsules are made of. Our coffee capsules have obtained the prestigious "OK home compost" certificate by TUV Austria, which only 2% of other BIO coffee capsules have worldwide.

As more and more compostable coffee capsules become available on the market, it is important to point out the difference between the two main types of compostability.

Home composting differs significantly from industrial composting, as the product can decompose at lower temperatures under natural conditions - even in a garden compost.

Currently, it is up to each local municipality whether they accept compostable coffee capsules in the bio-bag or not. 

Therefore home-compostable coffee capsules are a safer option to the more traditional industrial compostable coffee capsules.

You can read more about our coffee  here.