About us

Ideel Kaffe was created with the purpose of making a difference in the coffee capsule industry. We want to reduce the waste of harmful materials by using natural resources in the most sustainable ways possible and at the same time offer a coffee capsule of the highest quality.

Our coffee capsules are made with 100% renewable energies and are made from "up-cycled" sunflower seed shells, from the food industry. The whole coffee capsule is 'home-compostable' certified, which means that it can decompose under natural conditions, e.g. in a garden compost. The compost can furthermore be used a fertiliser for the soil.

The climate and environment are top priorities at Ideel Kaffe. We only work with naturally grown / ecological coffee, and do not use any harmful materials or products in our process.

Choosing the right partners to work with has been an important priority for Ideel Kaffe to make the biggest difference for farmers and their communities. Our Ethiopian coffee is grown by farmers who are paid approx. 25% more than Fairtrade prices, while we actively support local community projects. Our two Bolivian varieties come from a Fairtrade and Organic certified farmer.

Mens vi vokser kan vi sideløbende forbedre og gøre en større forskel for planeten og bønderne. Vi ønsker at etablere nye landsby projekter, mens vi også tilbyder bedre muligheder og miljøer for kaffe bønderne at arbejde i.

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