Specialty coffee

When it comes to coffee, our motto has always been "sourcing the best coffee, while having as great of a positive impact on the farmers as possible".

As we were picking out our first batches of coffee, we discovered farmers and cooperative farms around the globe. But we quickly settled on the birthplace of the popular Arabica bean - southern Ethiopia. The mountainous areas of southern Ethiopia create near perfect conditions for growing amazing coffee. The areas where we buy our coffee from are only accessible with donkeys, and the coffee generally does not grow in large plantations as it grows naturally in the area. The coffee is later either wet-washed or sun-dried in the local area and then shipped directly to Denmark, where it is freshly roasted in Valby. Ethiopia delivers some of the world's finest specialty coffees - a concept that means the coffee has scored over 80/100 points on the global coffee quality scale. We strive to roast the coffee lighter than in general, to preserve the coffee's natural aromas and invite our customers for new and refreshing coffee experiences.

Organic and fairtrade® certificates are usually unaffordable for Ethiopian farmers as they work on smaller plantations and the smaller harvests do not offer the same opportunities for economies of scale as the large plantations. That's why we pay Ethiopian farmers on average 25% more than fairtrade® prices, while investing in local community projects that focus on health, education and job creation. By paying more than fairtrade® prices while investing in local communities, we hope that farmers will one day be able to become fully certified and reach a wider audience.

When we decided to expand our product range, Ideel Kaffe looked to South America to find new coffee and new flavors. In recent years, Bolivia has proven to produce some of the continent's highest quality coffee. The country has often been hidden in the shadow of its large neighbors until a few years ago, when Bolivia began to get a lot of attention due to farms increasing the quality of their production. The Bolivian government has only recently increased support for coffee farmers, which has meant that farmers have been able to produce larger and better crops. The coffee grows at high altitudes, similar to the Ethiopian environments, resulting in rich, complex and diverse taste experiences. 

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