Home-Compostable Coffee Capsules 101

“Don’t you think its an environmental burden to manufacture these capsules even though they are plant based?”

That was the first question we got once our Ad was running on Facebook.

Thanks to this guy, we got the idea for our first blog post.

So here it goes:

Of course, we agree it’s an environmental load to manufacture coffee capsules, but there is no other magical way to do it. Everything we (humans) manufacture is an environmental load. But it doesn’t always mean a burden for nature because, in some cases, it is the opposite.

Especially new, conscious, sustainable brands that produce products that are simply aiming to help the environment by leaving a positive footprint.

What do we mean by this?

We did not invent the coffee machines which work only with capsules, have existed for more than 40 years and have created tons of “burden” for the environment. Therefore it is not fair to put the guilt and shame on us or any other environmental conscious product owners, who are trying to move their industries towards more sustainable directions.

We want to help clean out that burden with an alternative solution. Our coffee capsules are created from a waste product from the food industry and are further 100% home-compostable at natural conditions. Meaning, this is a product created from waste and when disposed correctly will work as a fertiliser for the soil! Furthermore, are capsules are manufactured by using renewable energies. So it mostly comes down to what materials you produce, how you produce them and how they can be disposed.

Even our packaging follows the same philosophy. It is cradle to cradle certified (quite the opposite of cradle to grave), meaning waste materials are used to create new materials that are biodegradable, entering the natural life cycle of the planet.

We are also aware of the impact of transporting coffee from Ethiopia, but we are doing everything to provide the best care to both the people and the environment. The trade model that we work with is designed to help the farmers and their communities receive as much benefits from farming as possible. This is done through first of all paying above Fair-trade prices for the coffee and second of all investing into locally ran community projects that focus on health, economical growth, and more.

From the screen, we might seem like a typical-casual coffee brand but we’re not. Our goal is to make you a part of the circular economy, which we believe in.

There will be more posts about this topic because it’s one of our main focus areas. Help educate each other, spread awareness and build conscious communities through the love of coffee.

Hang in here, and please feel free to share some thoughts!

Positive and negative, all welcome!