Our Coffee


The capsule we use is the perfect example of a circular economy and was named  “Currently the most environmentally friendly coffee capsule” by the Nova Institute in Germany.

When sunflower oil is created the seed-shells are left as a by-product. The shells are collected, and a biomass is created, which the capsule is made of. Our capsule has achieved the prestigious “OK Home Compost” Certificate, which only less than 2% of other BIO capsules worldwide have.

As more and more compostable products become available on the market, it’s important to point out the difference between the two main types of compostability. So, what is the difference between Compostable and Home Compostable?
Compostable means “OK Industry Compost”, meaning, temperatures above 50°C and other special conditions are needed for products to decompose.

On the other hand, Home Compostable (OK Home Compost) means the product degrades at lower temperatures, under natural conditions, even in a garden compost. Resulting in no micro-plastics left the environment and the capsule breaking down into  nutrients for the soil, making it rich and fertile. Home Compostable products need a minimum amount of energy vs. other biodegradable alternatives.

Currently it is up to the local commune if they accept these capsules in the bio/green bag. The reason some communes don’t accept them is since they might be sorted out, as it’s hard to detect if it is Home Compostable or not.
We expect this to change in the future once Home Compostable products are more common.

In the meantime, you can read about our coffee here.