Our Coffee


For coffee to be labelled as “specialty” it has to meet special criteria and quality standards, which is why it usually does not grow in big plantations but smaller batches, in perfect coffee farming environments.

Each bean is hand-picked and carefully selected, depending on its age, shape, color etc. Thanks to south Ethiopia’s perfect climate for growing coffee, there is no need for adding pesticides. More than 90% of Ethiopian coffee is grown naturally.

The coffee is grown and harvested in the highlands, by small scale farming communities. This places are so remote they are only accessible by donkeys. Later it is either washed or dried, before being shipped to Copenhagen, where it is roasted.  

Because of this, the classic “Fair-trade”model does not work as each individual farmer works on such a small scale that they either don’t qualify for the programme, or they simply don’t earn enough through it to sustain themselves.

In our efforts to help with that, we pay 25% more than the average Fair-trade price, while also investing in long lasting projects developed by the local communities. More about the projects here.

You can also read about our capsule here.