Our Story


Every year, billions of plastic and aluminium  capsules are created, most of them ending up in landfills and water systems around the world. Not cool.

We created ideel with the purpose of doing things better.
We are a young team with big dreams, on a mission  to minimise waste and make the world a more equal place.

We collaborate with small scale and sustainable  farmers, the ones moving away from destructive mono-crop plantations. The farmers who can’t afford  “one size fits all” certificates, such as Fair Trade or organic labels.

Furthermore, our capsule is made from sunflower seed shells and will literally break down to humus and nutrients for the  soil even in your garden compost. No matter how you dispose of it, it will create no harm to our planet.

The new, “ideel way” means specialty coffee, in a Home-Compostable capsule, sustainably delivered to your doorsteps.

Which is a mouthful to say, but we’re proud of that.
Read about our coffee here or our capsules here.